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We represent farmers, consumers and members of the food production industry.  We are currently protesting the Agriculture & Trade Bills which will ditch British animal welfare and environmental standards for imports, flood the UK market with cheap, low-quality food and destroy Britain’s farming industry. 

Westminster demo, September 30th

PLEASE NOTE THE DATE HAS CHANGED. We are looking for farmers who are willing to drive their tractor to London for a demo.  We are protesting the government’s failure to protect British farmers by ensuring our food, animal welfare and environmental standards are included in the Agriculture Bill.  The Bill will be returning to the Commons that week for the vote that will make it law.  If you are able to join us in your farm vehicle, please register at our Eventbrite page by clicking the button below.

board of broken promises

In the Summer we launched our banner campaign.

They’ve proven popular with farmers all over the country.  

Download six designs of window posters to print yourself. 

Northallerton Tractor Rally

On September 25th tractors rolled down Northallerton High Street.  It’s not an usual sight, as it’s a market town.  But this time, it was a large convoy of them, decked in our red Save British Farming banners, and the public lined the street waving banners and placards and clapping in support.  North Yorkshire farmers are protesting the government’s failure to include UK standards in the Agriculture Bill and the increasing probability of a No Deal Brexit.  Either one would be a huge blow to the local agri-food economy, but taken together, they’ll be devastating.

“I've been reading up on the government's Agriculture Bill and I'm horrified by it.”

"There’s a great gaping hole in it on food standards and until that’s fixed, we’re on the slippery slope to low-standard food and terrible animal welfare."
Emma Kennedy

the long and winding road

On July 8th, Save British Farming organised a tractor demo in London to protest the new Agriculture Bill. It started in New Covent Garden market, crossed Vauxhall, Lambeth and Westminster Bridges, passing through Trafalgar Square on its way to Parliament.

Save Welsh Farming

On September 19, Save British Farming teamed up with Undod for a series of tractor demos in Wales, ending in a rally in Cowbridge.  Guest speakers included Jane Dodds, and SBF founder, Liz Webster.

Back British Farming Day

September 9th was the NFU’s Back British Farming Day.  Save British Farming took the opportunity to hold a Day of Action.  Around the country, groups got together to protest the failure of the government to include our current food, animal welfare and safety standards in the new Agriculture Bill.  And campaign leader, Liz Webster created this amazing SOS sign.

emma Kennedy - celebrity masterchef winner, 2012

We’re proud to be supported by this actress, writer and TV presenter.  In this video she explains why British farming and British food are under threat, and what we can do about it.

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Save British Farming to Save British Food

Chrorinated chicken, hormone-fuelled beef, grains, fruit and vegetables with banned pesticide residues – all will be legally imported to this country if the Agriculture Bill goes through unamended.  Help us fight it by joining our campaign.

“Civilisation and anarchy are only seven meals apart.”
~Spanish Proverb

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